The Radio Occultation Meteorology SAF is a decentralized facility under EUMETSAT, that runs an operational radio occultation system responsible for delivering bending angle, refractivity, temperature, pressure, and humidity profiles in near-real time and offline for NWP and climate users. The offline profiles are further processed into climate products consisting of gridded monthly means of bending angle, refractivity, temperature, humidity, and geopotential heights.

The ROM SAF also maintains the ROPP (Radio Occultation Processing Package) software package for users wishing to process, quality-control, and assimilate radio occultation data from any radio occultation mission into NWP and other models.

The ROM SAF Leading Entity is the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), with Cooperating Entities ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) in Reading, United Kingdom, IEEC (Institut D'Estudis Espacials de Catalunya) in Barcelona, Spain, and Met Office in Exeter, United Kingdom. Until February 29, 2012, the official name of the ROM SAF was GRAS SAF. Read more about the ROM SAF here.

ROM SAF Product Archive
For access to the data products, please use the Product Archive

NRT Monitoring of RO Data
Monitoring of quality and data flow (Metop/GRAS, COSMIC, GRACE-A, TerraSAR-X, SAC-C, C/NOFS)
ECMWF statistics (Metop/GRAS, COSMIC, GRACE-A, TerraSAR-X, SAC-C, C/NOFS)


Publication of VS report on reflected bending angles
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[May 10, 2016]

Release of updated climate data record based on the COSMIC satellites
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[March 18, 2016]

Release of an experimental reflection flag dataset
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[February 9, 2016]

Characterisation of radiosonde temperature biases and errors using radio occultation measurements
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[December 3, 2015]

Release of updated climate data record based on the COSMIC satellites
Read more here.
[March 16, 2015]

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