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Product Overview GRM-01 & GRM-40: NRT Refractivity Profile (NRPMEA & NRPMEB) GRM-02: NRT Temperature Profile (NTP) GRM-03: NRT Specific Humidity Profile (NHP) GRM-04: NRT Pressure Profile (NPP) GRM-05: NRT Surface Pressure (NSP) Error Covariance Matrices GRM-08: Offline Bending Angle (OBA) GRM-09: Offline Refractivity Profile (ORP) GRM-10: Offline Temperature Profile (OTP) GRM-11: Offline Specific Humidity Profile (OHP) GRM-12: Offline Pressure Profile (OPP) GRM-13: Offline Surface Pressure (OSP) GRM-16: ROPP Software Deliverable ROPP Download* ROPP Beta Testing* GRM-17: Climate Bending Angle Grid (CBA) GRM-18: Climate Refractivity Grid (CRG) GRM-19: Climate Temperature Grid (CTG) GRM-20: Climate Specific Humidity Grid (CHG) GRM-21: Climate Geopotential Height Grid (CZG) NRT Monitoring: NWP Model and Data Flow GPSRO WMO Routing Headers NRT Monitoring: Operational Model Upgrades NRT Monitoring: Matched Occultations NRT Monitoring: Matched Radiosondes NRT Monitoring: Description ROM SAF Product Archive Downloading Notes* Browse Archived Occultations
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