ROM SAF User Surveys

The ROM SAF has so far conducted four user surveys. For details about the surveys please see the related report.

1st User Survey (US1):The ROM SAF (then GRAS SAF) held a user survey in the end of 2002.
The results are documented in the US1 Survey Report
2nd User Survey (US2):In 2006 an RO climate data user survey was conducted.
The results are documented at this web page.
3rd User Survey (US3):The third ROM SAF (then GRAS SAF) user survey was conducted between December 2009 and February 2010. The results are documented in the US3 Survey Report.
4th User Survey (US4):The fourth ROM SAF user survey was conducted during Spring and October 2015.
The results are documented in the US4 Survey Report.

In addition, a dedicated user survey on "Survey on user requirements for potential ionospheric products from EPS-SG radio occultation measurements" was undertaken in coordination with EUMETSAT secretariat and published as ROM SAF Report 25.

Apart from the user surveys the ROM SAF is always interested in suggestions, comments, criticism, and also bug reports. Please send all feedback to the Helpdesk.

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