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GRAS SAF Workshop on Assimilation of GPS Radio Occultation Measurements (AGROM) Proceedings

Reading, UK, June 16-18, 2008

(Reports from the three working groups on NWP, Climate, and Future Systems)

(Posters, participants, programme)

Ao, C.O., T.K. Chan, B.A. Iijima, J.-L. Li, A.J. Mannucci, T. Teixeira, B. Tian and D.E. Waliser:
Planetary boundary layer information from GPS radio occultation measurements
Aparicio, J.M., G. Deblonde and S. Laroche:
Assimilation of GPS radio occultation measurements at the Meteorological Service of Canada
Cardellach, E., S. Oliveras and A. Rius:
Applications of the reflected signals found in GNSS radio occultation events
Cucurull, L.:
Assimilation of GPS radio occultation measurements at NCEP
Dee. D., S. Uppala, S. Kobayashi, S. Healy, and P. Poli:
Reanalysis applications of GPS radio occultation measurements
Eyre, J.R.:
An introduction to GPS radio occultation and its use in numerical weather prediction
Foelsche, U., G. Kirchengast, M. Borsche, B. Pirscher, and A. K. Steiner:
Creating a consistent radio occultation data base for climate studies in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere
Healy, S.:
Assimilation of GPS radio occultation measurements at ECMWF
Huang, C-Y., Y-H. Kuo, S-Y. Chen, M-T. Kueh, P-L. Lin, C-T. Terng, F-C. Chien, M-J. Yang, S-C. Lin, K-Y. Wang, S-H. Chen, C-J.Wang, and A.S.K.A.V. Prasad Rao:
Impact of GPS radio occultation measurements on severe weather prediction in Asia
Kuo, Y-H., H. Liu, Z. Ma, S. Sokolovskiy, P. Guo, R. A. Anthes, N. Yen, and J-J. Miau:
COSMIC status and prospects for COSMIC-2
Kursinski, E. R. , D. Ward, A. Otarola, K. Sammler, R. Frehlich, D. Rind, C. Groppi, S. Albanna, M. Shein, W. Bertiger, H. Pickett and M. Ross:
The Active Temperature Ozone and Moisture Microwave Spectrometer (ATOMMS)
Lauritsen, K.B., H. Gleisner, M. E. Gorbunov, F. Rubek, S. Syndergaard and M. B. Sørensen:
GRAS SAF project and products
Leroy, S.S. and J.G. Anderson:
Testing climate models with GPS radio occultation measurements
Poli, P., G. Beyerle, T. Schmidt and J. Wickert:
Assimilation of GPS radio occultation measurements at Météo-France
Rennie, M.P.:
The assimilation of GPS radio occultation measurements at the Met Office
Von Engeln, A., Y. Andrew, C. Marquardt and F. Sancho:
GRAS status and future European GPS radio occultation missions
Wickert, J., C. Arras, C.O. Ao, G. Beyerle, C. Falck, L. Grunwaldt, S.B. Healy, S. Heise, A. Helm, C.Y. Huang,, N. Jakowski, R. K¨onig, T. Mannucci, C. Mayer5, G. Michalak, P. Poli, M. Rothacher, T. Schmidt, R. Stosius, and B. Tapley:
CHAMP, GRACE, SAC-C, TerraSAR-X/TANDEM-X: Science results, status and future prospects

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