User Workshops


GRAS SAF/ROM SAF-Related Presentations
at OPAC2010

Graz, Austria, 6th-11th of September, 2010

Estel Cardellach et al. (IEEC):
Geophysical Information Content In GNSS RO Reflected Signals (POSTER)

Hans Gleisner (DMI):
GRAS SAF Activities in Support of Climate Data Generation

Michael E. Gorbunov et al. (Obukhov IAP):
Linear and Nonlinear Representations of Wave Fields and Their Application to Processing of Radio Occultations

Sean B. Healy et al. (ECMWF):
Weather (NWP) and Composition Analysis and Forecasting - Benefits of RO and Satellite Data

Kent B. Lauritsen et al. (DMI):
GRAS SAF and Radio Occultation Data (POSTER)

Kent B. Lauritsen et al. (DMI):
Processing of COSMIC Radio Occultation Data and Cross-Center Comparison

Kent B. Lauritsen et al. (DMI):
Processing of GRAS Raw Sampling Data

Dave Offiler and Huw Lewis (Met Office):
The Radio Occultation Processing Package (ROPP) (POSTER)

Michael Rennie (Met Office):
Recent Progress in the Application of GPSRO Data at the Met Office

Stig Syndergaard (DMI):
Generic Processing of GPS RO and Microwave Occultations

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